A 7 minute instrumental music YouTube video for meditation practice; this not from me, just one I like. The length is perfect for beginners and for an otherwise efficient meditation break during the day.

This is a specific breathing technique called Ujjayi Breath a.k.a. Ocean Breath, Victory Breath. It is extremely effective for relaxation, calming the mind & body. Doing this in yoga class is awesome. Again this video is not from me, just one I think explains it well.

This is another SUPER effective relaxation breath- that grounds you, gets you out of your head very quickly. Its called Alternate Nostril Breathing or Nadi Shodhana. It’s basically closing one nostril with your finger, exhaling then inhaling with the open nostril; then switching to close the other nostril and so on.  Again, available on youtube. There are lengthier and more detailed discussions there as well.

This is a link to a Huffpost article on 15 best Meditation books:


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