Full Definition of EQUANIMITY  Merriam-Webster

1:  evenness of mind especially under stress <nothing could disturb his equanimity>


Okay, the name of this site is kind of self-explanatory. The site will attempt to try to provide some insight into how to be chill. Still, some definition is required. By CHILL, I don’t mean just this laid back manner of being relaxed and possibly apathetic. CHILL for me, or in terms of this site, is more about achieving a certain level of EQUANIMITY. It’s about being alert and involved, yet even-keeled, non-reactive, calm in the eye of the storm. At the same time, we don’t want to be stoic, emotionless robots. Being CHILL implies having a certain level of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, whereby we can still have, yet quickly process unpleasant emotions and choose to bask in and enjoy, pleasant emotional states.

At the very least, being CHILL, means not letting your life be run by ANXIETY, WORRY, ANGER and other distressing emotional states. This is the case for many people in a country where anxiety seems to be an epidemic ( The #1 Reported Issue). LIFE IS TOO SHORT. THERE IS TOO MUCH JOY TO BE HAD.

This site will discuss all kinds of topics related to being CHILL. There is a heavy emphasis on mindfulness and enhancing emotional intelligence. There is also an emphasis on not just addressing the issue on a short term, symptomatic basis. There are definitely skills and techniques that help in distressing moments as part of an overall program and people also prescribe to medication (A CHILL PILL), which in effect, treats symptoms. However, I am interested in people being TRULY CHILL at their core, without medication, if possible, removing underlying sources of anxiety and distress. This requires more work and deeper exploration.

But the pay-off is big. Being TRULY CHILL is a way of being, of living in a state of EQUANIMITY & HAPPINESS, not being bounced around on a regular basis by over- zealous or inaccurate emotional reactions which do not serve you or your love ones.

Being CHILL means making this major shift whereby your emotions serve you versus run you on an ongoing basis. PEACE AT LAST.HAPPINESS. BEING CHILL IS SOOOO…………………….CHILL. YA BABY ! WELCOME TO THE CLUB. THE CHILL CLUB. CLUB EQUANIMITY.

Barry John Johnson



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