HEADS UP. I think in order to be truly chill, everyone needs to have their own very personal spiritual belief system (even if its atheism). A system they truly believe in, that they live by, that they have personally ferreted out via trial and error, and which they are constantly reviewing and revising due to greater knowledge and life experience. If some religion that is not fear-based and dictatorial helps a person achieve this, more power to them. But otherwise discerning our own path versus just bouncing around or blindly adopting something imposed upon us is a key life task. When we do such, we have a solid base from which to operate through life’s most profound underlying anxieties (see below*), and we can ultimately find EQUINIMITY & HAPPINESS.

I espouse that in order to achieve the aforementioned, we first have the more mechanical task of de-cluttering, clearing out and calming our MONKEY MINDS. You see our minds are not us, our thoughts are not us. The mind is meant to be the servant, not the master, and it tends to constantly dominate us by jumping, like a monkey, from thought to thought, worry to worry, chatter to chatter. Our fight or flight systems, designed to protect us from physical harm, and our egos, designed to protect us from emotional harm, play major roles in encouraging the MONKEY to constantly jump around.

Taming the mind is no easy task, but once we get a taste it is hard not to further pursue it as it feels so natural and peaceful. Meditation and mindfulness are key tools in achieving this state.

With a calm mind we start bouncing around less to life’s constant distractions and stimuli. The intuition which we had all along, can suddenly be heard. We can start to be able to discern the spiritual path that best resonates with us. With the foundation of a spiritual base, and less clutter and chatter, Equanimity is achieved which allows BLISS, which is truly our natural state, to rise up. So what we end up with is: EQUINIMITY and HAPPINESS (a.k.a. Being Chill).

Barry John Johnson


* THE FIVE UMBRELLA ANXIETIES which a strong spiritual belief system should address

These are fundamental anxieties which are always hanging over our head whether we are conscious of them or not. They can be a downer to think about, but if ignored they will create an undertow of anxiety that is always there. Best to shine light on them. A solid spiritual belief system of some type will often provide answers to the questions posed by these concepts, thereby alleviating these anxieties.

1. Who am I ?

2. What is life about ?

3. Must I Die?

4. What happens when I die ?

5. The Earth is finite.


* Also note that a multiplicity of clinical studies support that having a strong spiritual belief system can be a major factor in the recovery from various, short and long term, mental health conditions.





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