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How Walking Barefoot Teaches Mindfulness

10 Steps to Harness Your INFINITUDE  (Not Popular but a personal fave)

What You Need to Know about the Vagus Nerve   (Popular)

10 Signs You Have Mentally Healthy Happy Person Syndrome  (Popular)

I Was the Only Dude at Yoga Teacher Training

Feeling Stuck? 10 Steps To Help When You Hit A Plateau

Why You Need Some Slow Motion In Your Life

21 Steps To March Forth On March 4

Elephant Journal Meditation is not a Battle Help for Newbs the Occasional Meditator (Popular)

Elephant Journal Integrating Grief and Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Elephant Journal On Nurturing Your Own Dream Dealing With Dream Crushers

Elephant Journal My Yoga Teacher, The Hornet

Elephant Journal Considering Wisdom

Elephant Journal What is Courage?

Purpose Fairy web site : Removing the “musts” from Our Internal Dialogue Stream


GLAD.IS web site Self Diagnosis: 10 Signs You May Have Mentally Healthy Happy Person Syndrome (HAPs)

Rebelle Society Creative Writing Web Site

Pull Tides poem

The bobsled ride poem/fable

The Swan Poem (Popular)

Cosmic mojo: my intuition told me what to do  fable

The Screening Process   poem (Popular)

Daily Vows for a Crazy (Ode to Tank Man) poem (Popular)

The Sneeze Blessing Rule fable of sorts

Climbing an Ash Mountain fable

A Letter From Maya Angelou (Popular & Special)



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